Press and Interviews

The Guardian
      Would You Like a Daily Reminder that Death is Round the Corner? (By Emma Beddington with comentary)
VICE Italia
      I santi di Roma che sembrano quasi vivi (Italian Interview)
National Public Radio, 89.3 KPCC: "Off Ramp" 
      Relics visit Los Angeles (Radio Interview)
     Sacred Bones and the Catacomb Saint of Manhattan
Swide: The Dolce & Gabanna Luxury Magazine 
     Rest In Beauty (Interview)
     Today Me, Tomorrow You: The Mesmerizing Skeletons of Rome
Los Angeles Magazine 
     The Saint of Downtown Los Angeles
Radio Maria 
     The Miracle Hunter “Incorruptibles” (Radio Interview)
Ask a Mortician Web Series
How to Tell if Your Saint is Incorrupt (Video)

Writing and Photography

Like Life: Sculpture, Color, and the Body
     Exhibition Catalogue published by The Metropolitan Museum of Art   
     Photo contributor
Death: A Graveside Companion
     Edited by Joanna Ebenstein, published by Thames & Hudson    
     "Holy Spiritualism" 
Lapham's Quarterly Roundtable
     Reach Out and Touch Faith
     Our Adored Cadavers
     Photographing the Real Bodies of Incorrupt Saints
     Today Me, Tomorrow You: Rome’s Memento Mori Tombs
LA Review of Books Blog
     The Passion of Holy Week
The Fader
     If You’re Not Bleeding on This Year’s Met Gala Red Carpet, You’re Not Doing it Right
World Religions and Spirituality Project at Virginia Commonwealth University
     Profile of the Neapolitan Cult of the Dead
Killing the Buddha
     Crocodile Prayers
Please Hold Magazine
     Appetite for Destruction
Atlas Obscura
     The Oracles of Rome: Two Architectural Oddities Predict the Apocalypse
     LA’s Patron Saint is a Third-Century Martyr in a Postmodern Tomb
     Why Figures Swarmed with Toads Lurk on Middle Ages Cathedrals
     Terror-Stricken in Paris: A Crypt of Bloodstains and Bones
     Sinless Sweets: Where and When to Eat the Ten Best Saintly Desserts
     Brno is the New Sedlec: Europe’s Most Macabre Destination Gets a Rival of 50,000 Skeletons
     The (Really)Great Gig in the Sky
     The Femme Fatale Whose Tragic End Festers in the History of Rome
     The Mummies of Mexico City
     The Cadaver Synod: When a Pope’s Corpse Was Put On Trial
     Magic and Your Lizard Brain: The Mind Tricks Behind Conjuring Ghosts
     Revealing the Hidden History of Paris Through Saints
     31 Days of Halloween: A Thief’s Severed Arm and a Count Buried Alive, All in One Prague Church
     Documenting the Holy Dead Through Saint’s Relics
The Order of the Good Death
     The (Not Really So Very) Incorrupt Corpses
     Consider the Putridarium
The Morbid Anatomy Museum Blog
     Corpse Theatre in the Sacred Spaces of Italy
     Days of the Dead: A Dispatch from Rome

The British Tabloid Hall of Shame

The Daily Mail
     Articles of Faith: Haunting Images of Italy’s Incorruptible Preserved Saints
     Don’t Bury Our Mummies! How a Mexican Town Adopted Forgotten Mummified Corpses
The Mirror
     Where’s My Mummy?