I'm Elizabeth Harper. Please don't be concerned, that's not a picture of me, that's St. Vittoria. I’m a Scholar in Residence at the Morbid Anatomy Museum and a member of the Order of the Good Death. I live in Los Angeles. This a blog of my photos and writing and it's guided by three principles:

  • I believe Catholic churches are memory theaters where nature, science, arts, humanity, math, politics, and the divine mingle in miniature. There's a wealth of knowledge locked inside sacred objects, though it's often hidden in plain sight.
  • I've found that the Catholic comfort with death and death imagery is life-affirming. It offers believers and skeptics alike an important cultural reference that opposes modern death denial.
  • I love to learn about the past. I love it more when the past teaches me about the present. 

Everyone is welcome here. I've corresponded with academics, priests, and dudes in heavy metal bands thanks to this blog. I’m always happy to answer questions or talk about what I’m working on. Drop me an email at elizabeth@eharperdesign.com any time, particularly if you’re interested in doing an interview, having me give a talk, or if you’d like to republish my photos. 

If you still want more...
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